Our Quality Policy

  1. We fully comply with the Quality Standards applied in our company and continuously improve our quality level.  
  2. We always prioritize customer satisfaction.  
  3. We attach importance to Work and Personnel Safety, education, total quality awareness, teamwork and team spirit.  
  4. We work with all our customers, suppliers and subcontractors in full compliance with the requirements of laws and regulations, based on ethical and trust.  
  5. We try to prevent any nonconformities that may arise in our works through effective process management and corrective / preventive actions.  
  6. We try to complete every work done in a timely manner, in full compliance with the desired conditions, within the desired quality and budget limits.  
  7. We closely follow and implement technological developments.  
  8. We work with all our strengths to be an exemplary organization that respects the society and the environment and to contribute to the national economy.